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It’s officially 2020, and spring is a hot (temperate?) second away, which means all of the year’s biggest hair trends are about to pop off on your social feeds. If you weren’t actively hunting for spring hair trends back in October when New York Fashion Week graced us with approximately one-BILLION ideas (keep on scrollin’ to see what you missed), then you are now in the very fun position to discover both the O.G. looks from the runway, and the new spins from your Instagram. Below, the best spring 2020 hair trends—and how-to tutorials—you’re about to see everywhere.


Sorry, but if you thought the ’90s trend of face-framing layers was going to be over in 2020, you’d be wrong. They’re only getting stronger and more Insta-worthy. But don’t worry; braided tendrils—which are most def not a new style, but for sure going to be popping up on your feed even more—are easy, provided you know how to braid.

TRY THE HAIR TREND: Scoop your braids, twists, or natural hair into bun, leaving out two-inch strips of hair at your part. Braid each section down to the ends, securing with elastics or leaving them untied.

If you can’t quite see yourself trying the two loner braids this spring, tiptoe into the hair trend with two skinny braids hidden among the rest of your hair. Kinda like a peek-a-boo surprise.

TRY THE HAIR TREND: A little texture will be your friend here, so blast your roots with Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Tease texturizing spray, add some beach-y waves, then braid two skinny sections of hair, stopping a few inches before the ends.

The big, studded, padded headbands of 2019 are taking a momentary leave of absence to make room for 2020’s hair trend of silky, smooth accessories set across loose updos.

TRY THE HAIR TREND: I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this one. Slide a stretchy satin headband over your head, letting it hang around your neck. Rake your hair into a messy low bun, pull out a few face-framing layers, then slide your headband up and over your hairline.

Uhhh, I’m sorry, but do we all dye our hair denim-blue now?! (Answer: yes). This spring, be prepared to see pretty much all of your favorite influencers and ~fashun~ people playing around with bright hues in their hair.

TRY THE HAIR TREND: Obviously, the best way to completely transform your hair color is at the salon, We at TnT Hair Salons can help you achieve that Beautiful color your looking for!

Rose-pink hair had a major resurgence in 2019, so trying it in 2020 as your new spring hair trend might not be quite as scary to your Very Concerned Mom.

How freaking gorgeous is this hair?! Soft, romantic waves and curls were all over the Bibhu Mohapatra runway this season, but the most unexpected spring hair trend for 2020 was the smattering of hair crystals fastened to a few of the models’ hair.

TRY THE HAIR TREND: I mean, short of gluing crystals to your own hair (which, hello, please do that), the easiest—and quickest—way of recreating this look is to slide a crystal hair piece into one side of your hair, just behind your ear.

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