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Tea Tree Wash House Menu

                                                                           Sit back, relax and soak up the satisfying sensory of Tea Tree


Tingling Indulgence

Need a spa getaway? Indulge in first-class invigoration tingly tea tree oil, cooling peppermint and pamper your mind, body, spirit, leaving the hair fragrant and scalp renewed.                   


Soothing Indulgence

Tale a break from stressful days and frenzied schedules. Lavender naturally sooths frazzled nerves, while mint revitalizes the spirit with a fresh outlook, leaving the mind clear and hair organized.     $10

Energizing Indulgence

Cure the blues with zesty citrus refreshment that goes straight to the head. Natural extracts of uplifting lemon, soothing sage, tingly peppermint and tea tree oil renew your gusto, leaving the hair full of body and mind energized.   


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